VeyWay Grain Bin Conveyor System

The VeyWay is an efficient and gentle solution to your crop handling needs. Whether you are dealing in Conventional Crops, Specialty Crops, Organics, or Seed, the IGSE VeyWay grain bin conveyor is the perfect solution to unload and sweep your bins.  

All of our patented systems are designed with safety in mind before all else. Our highly skilled team is experienced and dedicated to producing easy-to-install systems that reduce the risk of serious injury. 

Our grain bin conveyor unload and sweep is a perfect example of our safety- and ease-of-use-oriented approach to equipment design. The belt unload and Powersweep components of the VeyWay utilize protective shrouds that can be easily removed. VeyWay models use slower-moving parts without compromising their ability to churn out bulk grain at an efficient rate.  

Installing our VeyWay grain bin conveyor system is very simple. Read below to learn more about the applications of our grain bin unload and belt sweep system. For additional information about its safety benefits, reach out to us at 815-457-2979 or 

Want to see it in action?

Watch this short video to see a great example of how our unit operates. 

Familiar Install

The VeyWay is designed to be installed in a similar fashion to a standard auger unload system. No specialty tools or equipment required to install.   

Retrofit Powersweep

The VeyWay Powersweep can be installed onto a new VeyWay unload as well as retrofitted onto existing auger unloads for convenience when using existing equipment.   

Multi-Crop Use

Both the VeyWay unload and sweep can be used for a variety of different crops.

Belt Unload

The VeyWay belt unload is designed for low damage while delivering high capacity.

Need More Information

Check out our brochure here to get more information on the VeyWay? Have any questions you can’t find in the brochure or need any more any more information or specs? Give us a call today at (815) 457-2979 or email us at 

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