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Spilled Crops: 4 Common Places That Cost You Time and Money

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Time is precious on the farm, especially during a busy harvest season. There seems never to be quite enough time in the day to complete the task at hand. Trying to coordinate machinery and helpers to bring in the harvest is a job in itself. Add in a few bands of rainstorms, and time becomes an even more precious commodity on the farm.

Spilled crops not only waste time on the farm but can also impact your bottom line. While some crop spillage is normal, there are ways to prevent it so that you can get on with your day. Learn more about these 4 common areas where spilled crops waste time and money on the farm:

Inefficient Harvest in the Field

Bringing your harvest to market all starts in the field. If you have a combine that isn’t in top working order, it is possible to have spillage during the harvesting process. Another way that time is wasted in the field is not having a clear direction. Take the time to plan how to harvest the field in the least amount of passes. Being off by just a few rows during harvesting can waste a bunch of time in the field that could be used to do other tasks.

Transfers at the Road

One of the most significant areas of error for crop spillage happens when combines transfer their loads to chaser bins or dump trailers on the road. Working outdoors on a piece of land that may be uneven can lead to issues with spillage. Add in windy conditions or direct sun in your face, and it can be hard to know how to line up the combine to prevent spillage. Picking up the spillage on the road or ditch wastes a considerable amount of time.

Transportation to Storage

Making sure that your harvest transportation is in top condition is vital during the harvesting season. Any mishap with a blown tire or overweight chassis can result in an unwanted accident that can cause spilled crops. Use regular maintenance schedules to ensure that all of your vehicles and trailers are ready to take your harvest to storage. Train drivers to drive slowly to prevent any spillage along the way.

Unloading Grain Bins

The more times you handle a crop, the greater the opportunity there is for crop spillage. Unloading grain bins when it is time to take the harvest to the elevator is another common area that wastes time on the farm. Ensuring that your bin is unloaded correctly is essential to help save time that you could spend doing other tasks. Using the IGSE VeyWay Powersweep helps speed up the unloading process as the sweep is powered by the gearbox rather than its own motor. The VeyWay Powersweep cleans out grain bins so that you can take your crop to market.

Spilled crops can greatly damper farm productivity. Not only are spilled crops preventable, but they also waste so much time during a busy harvest season. Make sure to take the time needed to get every last plant out of the field and to storage without losing a lot along the way. Contact IGSE about how the VeyWay Powersweep can save you time by clearing out grain bins in a timely fashion.

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