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5 Ways to Ensure Farm Safety

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Farming is a dangerous profession. While many farmers use safe working practices, there are still occasions when safety precautions aren’t taken. Every year, we hear of more and more farm accidents that either cause injury or even death. In fact, over 400 fellow farmers or farm workers lost their lives on the farm in 2017.

Safety is often the number one concern of farmers. Whether you work by yourself on your own farm, or for a larger farming corporation, safety is key to making sure that you always make it home after a hard day’s work. Learn more about these 5 ways to ensure farm safety this year:

Communicate Well

While working on a team or group of other farmers, it is crucial to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Anyone that you work with should understand what the task is and how you plan on accomplishing the job safely. Communicating, and sometimes over-communicating can be the difference between staying safe and having an accident. Use voice communication, hand signals, and other tools to help keep everyone safe on the farm. Tell your spouse or family members your plans for the day as an added buffer of safety as well.

Be Alert at All Times

There is no 9 am-5 pm schedule on the farm. You often start work before the sun rises and don’t finish until well past sunset. It is essential to stay alert during these long days to keep safe on the farm. Many accidents happen when fatigue sets in, which can lead to death. Do what you need to do to stay alert at all times while operating heavy machinery to ensure farm safety. Take a break or a small nap when needed to help keep you alert on the farm.

Invest in New Technology

One of the best ways to ensure farm safety is to invest in tools and equipment that make your job easier. The IGSE wireless box gate opener BGO-20 is a great way to keep you safe on the farm. This easy to install tool makes it easy to unload seed bins without ever having to climb a ladder or straddle a tender. Just use the remote to open the box instead of risking a fall. Investing in new farm technology makes your job easier and safer all at the same time.

Use the Right Tool

So many farm accidents occur when a farmer tries to complete a job with the wrong tool. Not only can this significantly hurt your machinery or crops, but using the wrong tool for the job also greatly increases your chances of getting hurt in the process. Many farmers can rig up unusual solutions to problems, but taking the time to get the right tool for the job can be the difference between going home or to the hospital.

Stay Connected With Others

While some farmers still use wireless radio systems for communication, most of us have a phone in our pocket. It is not unusual for a single farmer to work alone on a large piece of land. This means that there is no one around if you ever need help. Keeping your communication device on your person at all times is important if you ever have an emergency. Another key element to farm safety is making sure that your device is fully charged. Try keeping a backup battery or charger in your truck so that you are never without access to help if you need it.

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