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4 Tips to Efficient Planting This Spring

Timing is everything when it comes to spring planting: too early and the seeds will die, too late and you’ll miss prime planting days. While you often have a long to-do list this time of year, it is never too late to think about how to change your ways to become more efficient. If you plan ahead, you can save time and a bunch of stress. Learn more about these 4 tips to efficient planting this spring:

Start With the Seed

Buying the best quality seed you can for your crop is an excellent start to becoming more efficient on the farm. While many specialized crop farmers don’t want the interference of using GMO’s, they still want a seed that will do its job once in the ground.

If you’re trying a new crop this year, consider purchasing a few different varieties of seed to see which one works best in your field. Other ways to ensure that your seeds are good is to work with a reputable seed dealer. Choosing the best quality organic and non-GMO seeds for your specialty crop will help make your year more efficient.

Plan Ahead of Time

Many farmers have spent most of the winter thinking about the next year’s crop. Early springtime also allows you to take time to plan out how you will tackle this year’s planting rotation. How many acres do you need to cover? What kind of seed will be in each field? Who will help you prep the ground and plant? Answering all of these questions well ahead of time is key when trying to achieve efficient planting on the farm.

Go Digital

The use of technology is a no-brainer when it comes to the farm. GPS and digital mapping allow farmers a bird’s eye view of every inch of the land. Not only does going digital make it easier to plant, but it also gives you up-to-date information about how the crop is doing. Many farmers choose to use their digital systems to help them apply weed management additives only where they are truly needed, instead of blanketing every area of the field. Going digital cuts down on time and supplies while providing necessary information for a great harvest.

Take Note of Ride Quality

Planting a row of seed on unfavorable seedbed conditions can significantly reduce the efficiency of a farm. The ride quality is the relation of bounce between the planter and the soil. A low ride quality score of less than 94% means that the planter is bouncing too much vertically on the ground, therefore spreading seeds that won’t germinate.

Planting too quickly or on poor soil conditions can also increase the chance that ride quality will diminish. Make sure to keep an eye on your planter and its vertical bounce during planting to ensure that your seeds are getting good seed-to-soil contact.

As specialty farmers, we all want to do the best that we can in getting the most out of the seed. Making sure to start with good quality seed and planning well ahead of time will help your farm become more efficient. Adding digital technology to the farm and noticing the ride quality of the planter are also important ways to boost efficiency. Follow these 4 tips to efficient planting this spring.

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