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4 Tell-Tale Signs That Spring Is Here

As a farmer, it is always a waiting game when it comes to the arrival of spring. Some climates always turn to spring during the third week of March, while others are still covered in snow. Many farmers keep a close eye on the weather to gauge when to start entering the fields. Sometimes there is a surprise April snow shower, but those years are usually few and far between. Check outside your window for these 4 tell-tale signs that spring is here:

Birds are Singing

It seems that backyard birds all come back overnight. One day your yard is quiet and cool while the next day, it is filled with a flutter of activity. Backyard robins, mourning doves, and cardinals are natural indicators that spring is on its way. These beloved creatures don’t always have their timing right as some snow showers may still appear in the forecast, but for the most part, the arrival of singing birds means that the beginning of spring is here.

Bulbs and Buds

Another tell-tale sign that the earth below is warming up is the arrival of leaves from fall bulbs in the garden. These first signs of spring are easy to miss when they first pop out of the ground. Early spring wildflowers are another sign that the growing season is approaching. Check the trees around your home for bud activity as well. While some trees bud later than others, there is a good chance that you’ll have an early spring bloomer somewhere nearby.

Frogs at Dusk

It can be easy to forget that frogs haven’t been croaking all winter in early spring. The nightly calls of the Western Chorus Frog and Spring Peeper are a sure sign that frozen waterways are thawing in preparation for spring. While the Spring Peeper has a high-pitched peeping sound, the Western Chorus Frog’s sound is a bit more developed. Pay attention at dusk for these natural sounds that are a precursor to planting time.

Allergies Arrive

While some of us don’t have issues with spring allergies, they can be quite burdensome for others in our family. If you notice a lot of sneezing, watering eyes, and the need for tissues everywhere, it could be a sign of spring. As the flowers and trees begin to bloom, many people suffer from the amount of pollen in the air. Spring allergies could cause any kind of itchy throat or sinus issue during this time of year.

While every climate is different, these tell-tale signs make their rounds eventually. Your area may see the arrival of bulbs and songbirds later than others, but every spring climate should include these natural signs that spring has sprung.

Keep watch on the field and chat with other farmers to discuss when spring planting will begin.Take note of these 4 tell-tale signs that spring is here as well. If you need any help with seed bins this spring, contact IGSE about their easy to use Box Gate Opener that makes opening seed bins as easy as a push of a button.

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