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Messy Farm? 4 Ways to Keep Your Farm Clean


While farms are naturally a dirty place with mud, muck, and manure, they don't have to be messy. Keeping the farm clean is an excellent way to take care of the land as well as your tools and machines. While cleaning does take a little extra time, a clean farm provides many positive attributes as well. Learn more about these 4 ways to keep the farm cleaner this year:

Label Everything

One of the best ways to make sure that your farm stays clean is to label where tools and supplies should go. Labeling where your tool goes can be as easy as a permanent marker scribbled on some wood. It can also be as fancy as using a label maker or even a laser-cut sign as well. Labels not only remind you of where everything goes, but they also help others know where to put back items as well. It also makes it easier to notice a missing tool or supply when it's gone from the labeled area.

Make Trash Bins Accessible

Waste is a common part of everyday farm life. You not only have your own trash from lunch but also can round up plenty of other waste items throughout the day. Make sure that every work area of the farm has some kind of trash bin that is easy to access. If a trash bin isn't easy to access, the likelihood that you'll take time to walk over to one is low. Available trash bins can be an actual trash can or anything else that can help corral loose waste around the farm.

Keep Workflow in Mind

Completing a project on the farm is easier when you have thought about the needed workflow. This means that when you are working on a tractor, the tools required for that job are nearby the area where the tractor is parked. Trash receptacles are also nearby so that you don’t end up tripping over items that could have been in the trash can. For those times when you have to fix things on the go, make sure to have a travel bag of tools and supplies ready to work on items in the field.

Clean up at Day's End

There are many days on the farm when you want to end working and just head to bed. However, taking the time to clean up at the end of the day is essential. Not only will putting tools and supplies away make it easier the following morning, but it will also decrease stress when you need to find something. Cleaning up after moving stored grain or crops around is also an essential aspect of farm cleanliness so that you don't invite critters to the farm. Taking the extra few minutes to button everything up after a day of work is vital to keeping the farm clean.

While a clean farm is often a hard concept for some, there is a difference between those farms that are clean and those that are messy. Taking the extra time to clean up at the end of the day, and label tools and supplies can increase overall productivity. Set up work stations nearby and make sure that there are multiple areas to throw trash away. Consider these tips to keep your farm cleaner this year.

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