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5 Essential Spring Safety Tips

Always Wear a Seatbelt

We all know that wearing a seatbelt is the safest option when handling any type of large machinery. However, so many farmers don’t want to mess with the few seconds it takes to buckle up. Falling out of the habit of wearing a seatbelt can be dangerous, though. Unfortunately, tractor rollovers account for more than 30% of farm-related fatalities that could be avoided with the simple click of a seatbelt.

Limit Extra Riders

Asking a child to ride along with you does seem fun, but it isn’t the safest option on the farm. Little ones in the buddy seat of a tractor can be distracting and cause accidents. Tractor cabs are not a natural safety net for curious little hands and feet. It is safer to have little ones wave from afar to watch spring planting rather than have direct access to controls and equipment.

Never Wave Around Drivers

Farm equipment is often large and slow compared to fellow cars on the road. While many country residents are accustomed to passing a tractor and trailer, some may be new to the idea. Practice road safety by using roads that are less busy and only use highways when absolutely needed. When pulling off to the side to allow a car to pass, never wave them ahead. Let the other driver choose when it is safe to pull around.

Over Communicate

Excellent communication is a key spring safety tip both on and off the field. You may know where the field is located, but make sure that others at home know the exact location as well. Make sure that anyone working with you in the field knows your plan of action. If there is ever any doubt, stop the tractor and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Double Check Everything

Make sure that all of your lights, signs, and guards are in good working order as part of your spring planting checklist. Go over every piece of equipment with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that everything is top-notch. If something needs to be replaced or fixed, do it now to keep you and your workers safe on the farm. Incorporating tools on the farm, like the New Box Gate Opener from IGSE, will help keep you safe when opening seed bins this spring as well.

Safety during spring planting is important to keep in mind. The excitement to get out into the fields can distract farmers from implementing these necessary safety precautions. Take the little extra time to over-communicate, wear a seatbelt, and double-check safety items. Take caution when inviting little ones into the cab and never wave around other drivers on the road. Stay safe during planting this year with these 5 essential spring safety tips.

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